Management of the vaccine card or any vaccination certificate.

Using this function it is possible to prevent the registration to the onsite activities for those who have an expired vaccine card (vaccination certificate, swab, test etc.) that has expired or does not have one.

By activating this function, after having verified (personally or through documents provided) the vaccination status of a user, it will be possible to record a deadline (date and time) to prevent the app from booking on-site activities without the requirements needed.

The function CAN be used for the vaccine card relating to Covid19 or any other vaccination certificate. It will be possible through a special function to decide to prevent all customers from registering, activating them once the vaccine certificate has been entered, or to allow everyone to book and then decide on-site if attendance will be possible.

Scadenze vacinazioni Scadenze vacinazioni

As BookyWay is a universal booking app, the purpose of the function - that can be used optionally by the administrator - is to manage vaccine pass for the participation of any activity on site such as classes in the gym, access to a swimming pool, sports team training, music lessons, painting, dogs agility, driving schools lessons or in general any activity or event that requires a valid vaccination certificate according to the local government indications.