• Free App for all customers!
    (No iOS or Android device? We also have a web app:
  • Register for free unlimited existing and new customers during the first 30 days!
  • After 30 days, you pay only:
    1 $ usd for USA – CANADA – MEXICO and all Countries Using the usd (*see below for full list).
    1 £ +VAT for UK
    1 € +VAT for EUROPE (and all other countries not listed below)
    for each new customer (with or without email), ONCE AND NEVER AGAIN. No costs occur for those customers registered within the first 30 days. EVER.
  • No matter how you registered your customers, they can all take full advantage of all the features of the app: receive communication about courses and activities, make bookings and manage them, view training plans created by the training team and much, much more.
  • Assignments of email addresses after the free 30-day introductory period to customers registered during that period will be charged with one credit per assignment.
  • The app and all its functions can be used free of charge beyond the free 30-day period, even if no new customers are registered.
  • Fast, simple and secure payment of credits for customer registration with PayPal or credit card.

* American Samoa – Bonaire – Canada – Ecuador – Micronesia – Guam – British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago) -Mexico -Marshall Islands – Northern Mariana Islands – Panama – Palau – Puerto Rico – El Salvador – Turks and Caicos Islands – Timor-Leste – United States Minor Outlying Islands – United States of America – British Virgin Islands – United States Virgin Islands – Zimbabwe

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Why choose BookyWay over other management systems?

  1. It is by far the cheapest management system for health clubs, requiring no subscription or cancellation.
  2. It offers the easiest and most intuitive interface.
  3. Safety and reliability: we have been developing software used worldwide for 25 years.
  4. Support within a day (occasionally even within minutes via email or Facebook).
  5. We have the highest customer rating in Apple and Android stores.
  6. Our app is ad free, and so is our booking section.
  7. Your customers ONLY see your business on the app (unlike other providers).
  8. We respect your customer’s privacy (enrolment in classes are not displayed by name).
  9. We have continuously developed the features most requested by our customers.