Creation and management of Courses (with multiple classes) and individual classes / activities
A simple interface, with automated calculation of all classes cadences, bookable through the App.

Creation and management of classes with credits
Ideal for managing "pre-purchased packages" of classes, with automatically scalable credits at booking.

Waiting lists
Possibility to manage the passage from the waiting list to the class (when places are available) with a manual or automated procedure.

Absences management
The administrator can mark the absences (of members who have not canceled in time) and order them in a report.

Weekly booking limits
Ability to assign weekly booking limits to the clients database or customized per client.

Visibility limit on the app
Creation of the schedule throughout the year, but limiting the visibility / booking of classes inside the client’s App to a defined number of days.

Multiple booking
Ability to quickly book a client in more classes of the schedule.

Membership management
Clients with an expired membership will be able to view classes and courses from the app but not to book them. Only the administrator will be allowed.

Medical certificate expiration
Sortable report for deadlines and displaying the expiration date on the client’s app.

Sharing classes / courses
Possibility to publish classes / courses by the client (with all information and places still available) on the favorite social or send them via whatsapp or sms with one click.

Family connections
Possibility to connect multiple accounts to a client to allow him/her to manage the booking of his/her child (or those who do not want to use the app).

Class performance statistics
Classes performance analysis through a sophisticated graph that can be updated immediately on time band and time period.

Clients / Administrator Master Data
Management of personal data with name, surname, nickname, telephone number, subscription and medical certificate expiration, registration limit, credits, notes and control of any profiles for different levels of administration.

Emotional photo classes
Inserting photos of your choice from the BookyWay gallery (between more than 200 photos sorted by categories), to be associated with each class, which will then be displayed on the smartphone. Special gallery, for images with registered trademark courses.