With "LIVE" video classes, customers book from the APP and participate from home!

With "LIVE" video classes
customers book from the APP
and participate from home!

BookyWay ist in die wichtigsten Webkonferenzplattformen wie Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Hangout usw. Integriert.
Unten sehen Sie ein Beispiel mit Zoom.

(Required for the customer App Zoom)

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Download Zoom for pc or mac by clicking here: https://zoom.us/DOWNLOAD

IMPORTANT: In the free version, the video call has a maximum duration of 40 min. You will, therefore, have to create a "Pro" profile which, in addition to having no limits in duration, also allows you to reach up to 100 participants, as well as including other features (https://zoom.us/pricing).

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Plan the schedule of your video classes

(Exactly as you did before with the regular classes, with credits if you want, etc.) and write in the description text the instructions for your customers.

If you desire you may copy from this text the instructions to place inside the classes specifications:
“Download Zoom. Book the video class using the app. A few minutes before the start you will find inside the app (in the specifics of your booked activity), a new green button. By clicking Join you will connect online.
You will be able to see your instructor in "LIVE" mode and, if you want, talk to him or show him if you are doing the exercise correctly.”

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Video lezioni da casa
Bookyway app per lezioni online
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Few minutes before the class starts, access Zoom and click on the "New Meeting" button

Lezioni fitness da casa
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Click on “Click to invite partecipants”

Lezioni fitness in streameng
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Click on “Copy Invitation”

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Open the activity booking page, copy the link in the appropriate section and save.

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If the customer accesses not from the smartphone but from a tablet or PC, he will use the web app by typing https://m.bookyway.com and will log in with the same credentials as the app.
Remind your customers to keep the app up to date so that they always have all the new features available.

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Testimonial live Bookyway

Advantages of LIVE classes compared to sharing or sending a movie:


I can manage bookings through BookyWay exactly as I did with the classes in the gym.


I know who will participate.


I can have, those who have purchased credits or have an active subscription, book the class (maybe less, but I can make them pay if I consider it correct. The payments can then be managed via PayPal, wire transfers or other remote systems).


I can set all the booking options as for regular classes (unsubscription limit, booking limit, credits, etc.).


I will be able to manage the statistics of these video classes through BookyWay (very important to study how this market will be in the future, to outline which are the most likely categories of customers. This could become a collateral activity even after the crisis).


Psychologically, for your client, a LIVE class is not even comparable to watching a movie, which can interrupt, not be concentrated, in short, do not give the right value that your work must instead have!


Only the members participate in the "LIVE" (and you see who they are). The video instead runs everywhere and seen by unknown people...


I can, if I want, interact with the clients during the class (if desired, the client can temporarily activate the microphone or the webcam to ask or show something to his/her instructor).
This allows you to create/maintain customer loyalty. Inviting them, for example, to the next session and study a shared program as it happens during the activities held in the studio..